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We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Senator Chris Murphy to help demonstrate some new security technology created by our partners at Penn Globe. The technology itself is pretty exciting (Penn Globe has developed a method to integrate cameras and other security features into their classic gaslight-style lamps in order to make towns and campuses safer), but what’s really interesting is the way that they’ve tapped into a range of business resources that help foster innovation in Connecticut.

In fact, IMC originally became involved with Penn Globe thanks to one of those resources. The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce (GNHCC) helped us network with Penn Globe and ultimately add them to our client roster. Based on our successful work managing the computer network for their office and factory, we were invited by Penn Globe president Marcia LaFemina to design a network infrastructure capable of connecting their IP cameras to DVRs. We designed a custom network using 4G mobile devices connected to cloud DVRs over a secure Virtual Private Network backbone. Initial testing has proven this a suitable framework in a controlled environment and we look forward to onsite testing within a week.

Here are a few of the resources that lent their support to this project and that continue to make Connecticut a great environment for entrepreneurship:

Who do you partner with to support the growth of your innovative small business? Head to the comments section to share your favorite resources.
Picture from left to right: Marcia LaFemina (President, Penn Globe), Lindy Lee Gold (Senior Specialist, DECD), Sen. Chris Murphy (United States Senate), and Craig Becker (Managing Partner, IMC.)
Posted by Craig Becker, Managing Partner at IMC

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