It’s Time to Upgrade

If you’re still running Windows Server 2003, you should know that it is officially past its expiration date. It had a good 12 year run, but Microsoft stopped supporting the operating system earlier this month. Although old software is generally retired without much fanfare, this is still critically important news for your company. Here are four reasons you should upgrade if you haven’t already:

Security: As we’ve previously mentioned, once a developer stops supporting their product with new security patches, using that software puts your network at risk. Any new virus, malware, or security hole will remain open. Running unsupported server software is like leaving the front door of your office unlocked and turning on a big neon sign that says “Hackers Welcome.”

Compliance: Failing to protect your data by using supported system software also means that you’re no longer in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

Compatibility: Hanging onto an outdated server will continue to limit your pool of compatible hardware and software packages.

Performance: If avoiding the negative consequences described above isn’t enough to motivate you to migrate to a supported server, please consider the actual upside to upgrading. Yes, Windows Server 2003 still works even though it’s no longer supported… but it’s nowhere near as powerful as later systems. Upgrading will boost your network’s performance and your company’s productivity.

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