Do You Need to Upgrade? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

We’ve all gotten comfortable with a piece of software and thought, “Why should I replace this when it still does what I need it to do? Besides, lord only knows where Microsoft has put the buttons in the new version!” Unfortunately, this loyalty is admirable, but ill placed.

Failing to upgrade puts your network security – and therefore your entire business – at risk.

For example, consider Windows XP, which went out of service in April of 2014. When XP was still supported, Microsoft issued frequent updates to close the security loopholes that would otherwise have given hackers and malicious viruses easy access to your system. Of course, eventually, Microsoft has to direct its resources toward its newer products. What does that mean for your old, but reliable, desktop? It means the next loophole that hackers discover will never be closed.

In addition, your business may need to keep your software current in order to stay compliant with industry standard… and with the law. Legislation like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley put the blame for any loss of a customer’s personal data squarely on your shoulders. If you continue to run outdated software, you’re in violation of both laws.

Posted by Craig Becker, Managing Partner at IMC

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